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Life-long health is a journey, and I'm here to help you start yours today.


Fitness Coach

Hey! I’m Amanda and I’m here because I believe that each person deserves to have the freedom to live a healthy and fulfilling life. I know for certain that a balanced approach to wellness is the only way to accomplish that. 

When it comes to exercise and nutrition it is SO easy to become overwhelmed by the shear amount of information out there and/or by the obstacles that life throws your, lack-of-time, injury, etc. This sense of overwhelm, or simply not knowing how to start can feel like a huge barrier between where you are now and where you want to be.

My objective is to help simplify this and empower you go create the change you desire by giving you the tools that you need to develop a life-long love for wellness.


You already have everything that you need within you, and with a little coaching I know that we can unlock your potential to accomplish any goal that you set. 

Here's what you can expect

when training with me: 

I take a uniquely personalized, creative and holistic approach. I am passionate about listening to, and working with my clients to establish a tailored program that is science-based and a combination of strength, conditioning, mobility, nutrition and mindful practices. I’ve found that you truly need all of these elements in place in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.

I’m not into fad fitness or fad dieting, so if you want to talk keto, have your heart set on nothing but HIIT style workouts, and/ or want to loose 10 lbs in a week, my programming and approach to wellness  is not for you, and that’s ok!


If you want to learn skills, habits and generate a life-long love for wellness; my approach is ABSOLUTELY for you. It's time to start living your BEST life....don't you think?




BS in Exercise Science from Gannon University, Erie PA, 2012


5 years hands-on experience coaching in a one-on-one setting for all ages and stages (teens, athletes, seniors, etc.), small and large group training.


Expert in:
Kettlebell training

Battle-rope exercises

Traditional strength and conditioning

Mobility training

Injury-based modifications

Holistic practices


Certified Personal Trainer

Living Fit Certified Kettlebell Professional Trainer & Coach (Level4)

Living Fit Certified Battleropes Professional Trainer & Coach (Level4)

Animal Flow Level 1

My style

Over the past 5 years I’ve been developing my own unique (science-based) style of training.


I love combing kettlebell work with primal movements, traditional strength training, battle ropes exercises and suspension training. I place a heavy emphasis on mobility training and love a good kettlebell complex.


My workouts are for everyone; they are fun, effective and will leave you feeling accomplished, confident, and empowered to crush your goals.

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